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Sunday, June 19, 2022 
Parade 9am-11am 
Street Festival 9am-4pm 
Concert 6pm-8pm

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Fifty-one years and counting that Northcott Neighborhood House has led the charge to have one of the largest and one of the longest Juneteenth Celebrations in the Midwest.  Juneteenth Celebration started fifty-one years ago by two creative, conscious and innovative women, Jan Kemp and Margaret Henningsen. Milwaukee's Juneteenth celebration is one of the longest celebration of this historical holiday in the country.

Juneteenth has been nestled on Dr. Martin L. King Jr Drive (formerly known as Third Street) and Milwaukee County Bernice and Clinton Rose Park (formerly known as Garfield Park).  Juneteenth, became an federal holiday in 2021, is a holiday commemorating the end of slavery in the United States, observed annually on June 19. 

In 2021 Northcott Neighborhood House celebrated fifty years with an golden anniversary.  The theme was History and Heritage Meets Legacy and Promise.  The Ms. Juneteenth, Mr. Juneteenth, Junior Miss Juneteenth and Juneteenth Jr. Scholarship Pageant gave youth over $25,000 in scholarships for attaining goals in essay writing, talent, public speaking and grades. 


In 2021 the Because of them We Can event recognized Milwaukee’s pioneers and trailblazers who have made a difference with an evening of recognition and honor.  Culminated with a Jubilee Parade and day-long street festival along Dr. Martin L. King Drive, featuring a new Kids Zone area, free food, amusement rides, games and attractions and a expanded geographic footprint of the street festival.


TMJ4 presented live coverage of the Jubilee Parade, that  featured Milwaukee's diversity of churches, fraternities, sororities, elected officials, dance and musical groups and sport figures.  TMJ4 has a link  on their website that  shares the richness of Juneteenth Milwaukee cultural and historical significance.


In 2022 there will be new features that translates into a summer of family centered, and cultural activities.  Where the Juneteenth celebration will be all summer long in 2022, Northcott Neighborhood House is committed to increasing positive cultural engagement in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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We provide education, employment opportunities and basic necessities to youth, families and senior citizens in the Milwaukee area.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Northcott Neighborhood House, Inc. is a diverse, multipurpose educational community center, a training and employment changemaker and a provider of fresh foods to close the gap in relationship to food insecurities in Milwaukee for youth, families and seniors. 


Northcott Neighborhood House, Inc. was created in 1961 and is still supported by the United Methodist Women of the United Methodist Church, the Wisconsin Annual Conference UMC and General Board of Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church. 

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Our Vision

At Northcott Neighborhood House, Inc. we serve thousands of people each year. We provide food, education, training in housing, construction, hydroponics, agriculture, landscaping, arborist and demolition. 


We work to empower youth, seniors and families by providing a safe place for all, in the areas of education, food insecurities, employment training, jobs, recreational, agriculture and skill-building activities year-round. We collaborate and partner to bring positive opportunities and community activities to bridge the gap. Northcott Neighborhood House, Inc. serves all people in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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